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by Orange Odyssey

Cities are defined by the boundaries, but the Kingdoms were defined by the battles won and land conquered by our great warriors and the Rulers. The Kings celebrated and marked these victories by building huge temples, palaces, fortified kingdoms, Baolis (stepwell), and various other architectural marvels that stand there, revealing the bygone era.


The excavations at Mansar, temples of Ramtek, the fort at Pauni, or the magnificently beautiful temples at Markanda also known as Khajuraho of Vidarbha are such attractions that couldn’t be overlooked.

We provide and organize tours from Nagpur to various such sites nearby Nagpur and in Vidarbha that are heritage and of cultural importance. You can extend your tiger safaris by visiting the nearest place with us.


Why choose our tours?

Our tours are everything but regular. We give you insights into history, iconography, hands-on experiences, and local culinary experiences.  While consciously curating the tours, we prioritize and emphasize the experiences and the essence.

We provide tailor-made full-day tours, two day-one-night tours that cover the must-see places nearby Nagpur.

Markanda Nagpur Vidarbha


One Day Tour

1200 years old temple complex situated on the bank of River Wainganga, is an important pilgrim in the Vidarbha region. It is also known as mini Khajuraho which makes it a must-visit for people interested in history, arts, and architecture.


INR 1500



Two Days One Night Tour

Ramtek is a fine confluence of mythology, devotion, literature, and history. The Fort and Gad Mandir here holds a mythological significance. Mansar archaeological excavation belongs to nearly 1600 years old Vakataka settlement.


INR 2700

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