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Instructions Before and During Tour

Before The Tour

  • Read Terms and Company Policies before booking the tours/ experiences.

  • Please make sure you book a slot before coming for the tour as we discourage on-the-spot bookings.

  • Details about the event, meeting point location link shall be shared by the walk leader via a text message one day prior the event.

  • The starting point for each tour will be mentioned in its description of each walk. In case the location is difficult for you to find, please feel free to call your guide for instructions before you start from home. Phone numbers are provided at the time of booking. The walk leaders normally reach the start point at least 30 minutes before the start of the walk.

  • Walking shoes are recommended, along with umbrellas or hats to shield yourself from the bright sunlight or drizzle. 

  • Although there is no dress code, please wear light, culturally appropriate clothing as most tours include religious sites.

  • Kindly carry your own drinking water. As we believe in sustainable and responsible travel philosophy, we do not provide packaged water bottles. For tours of more than 2-hour durations, we make water refill provision.

  • The tours will run in drizzle or sunshine unless it is a complete washout. In case of a washout, the tour will be moved to the next available time (on the same day or a different one) when all those who booked are available.

  • Please do not forget to mention your phone number(s) while booking.

  • Carry mask and pocket sanitizer, and maintain physical distancing. Read the additional covid policy here.


During The Tour

  • Our tours will start sharply at the time mentioned on the schedule. It is recommended that you arrive the meeting point at least 10-15 minutes before the start of the tour. If you are stuck in traffic, do let us know, and we will wait for you for another FIVE minutes.

  • Photography is allowed during the tour unless it invades privacy and/or hampers the progress of the tours. ​On occasion, there may be restrictions on photography put in place by the owners of different properties. These restrictions must be respected. If there are any photography fees at any place during the tour, the customer will be required to pay for it.

  • Video or audio recording IS NOT allowed on our tours without any prior permission. 

  • Since most of our walking tours run along busy roads, it is strongly recommended that you remain on the footpath at all times. Please be careful when you take pictures and while crossing the roads. While all of our tours are children-friendly, we recommend utmost caution while crossing roads with children.

  • For the convenience of everyone on the tour, SMOKING IS PROHIBITED during the entire duration of the walking tours.

  • Orange Odyssey has a ZERO TOLERANCE policy on racism or any other forms of discriminatory behaviour. We reserve the right to refuse service, or stop a tour should anyone engage in such a practice. 

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