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Research & Development  Intern

Do you love history and culture? Are you passionate about exploring and promoting the hidden gems of your city? If so, we have an exciting opportunity for you to join our team as an R&D intern!

As an R&D intern, you will be responsible for uncovering the fascinating stories and rich histories behind the heritage sites in our region. You will work closely with local historians, experts, and community members to develop content for an immersive and engaging heritage walk.

Your role will be diverse and challenging. You will conduct in-depth research on the culture, architecture, and social history of the sites, digging deep into archives, libraries, and oral histories to uncover hidden gems of information. You will use your creative skills to craft compelling narratives, develop interactive maps, and design engaging materials that bring the heritage walk to life.

You will also have the opportunity to engage with participants, testing and refining the heritage walk to ensure it is both informative and enjoyable. You will use your analytical skills to gather feedback, analyze data, and identify areas for improvement.

In this role, you will work closely with a passionate and dynamic team, and gain valuable experience in research, storytelling, and project management. You will have the opportunity to develop your own skills and contribute to a project that will make a lasting impact on the community.


  • Conducting research on the history, culture, and architecture of the heritage sites in the region.

  • Developing content for the heritage walk, including scripts, maps, and other materials.

  • Brainstorm and execute immersive experience in and around Nagpur & Vidarbha. 

  • Create content for social media posts.

Requirements and skills:

  • Passionate and creative with an eye for detail & authenticity.

  • Unbiased perspective towards history.

  • Collaborative team player with excellent time-management skills

  • Excellent research, communication, and organizational skills.

  • Have Knowledge of local history and geography, and be comfortable working with diverse groups of people.

  • Proficiency in digital tools and technologies is also desirable

Duration: 6 Months 

Stipend: Rs 3k/month

Work Mode & Location: Candidate should be based in Nagpur, willing to dedicate 3 hours of work a day. Work mode will be hybrid, combination of physical office reporting and working remotely. 


  • Certificate, Letter of recommendation, add value to your CV.

  • Work on projects based on heritage & cultural experiences, gain the work experience of research & curation.

  • Flexible work hours.

  • Get to attend few heritage walks with Orange Odyssey, know your city.

To apply : Send an email to expressing your passion for the history & heritage of Vidarbha along with your CV. 




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