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February 13, World Radio Day was celebrated by a ‘Heritage Tour of Akashvani Nagpur’ which was organized by Orange Odyssey, Nagpur in collaboration with All India Radio Nagpur Centre. World Radio Day is a day that celebrates the radio as a way of educating people, providing information, and promoting freedom of expression across cultures.

During the tour, participants visited the Akashvani Nagpur’s 110 years old Heritage building and were told about its history. They were also told about the history of All India Radio and its vital role in the pre and post-independence era. Participants also visited the studios of AIR and saw the working of a radio station.

The event was attended by enthusiasts from all age groups and varied fields.

The information was presented by architects Amol Wanjari, Mandira Neware of Orange Odyssey, Nagpur, and Mr. Ravindra Bhusari of Akashvani, Nagpur. 

The event was successfully conducted with the support of Smt. Sunalini Sarma, Station Director, Shri. S.G. Kawishwar, Shri Kishor Nikhare, and Smt. Manasi Ragit of All India Radio. 

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