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Nagpur Heritage Walk

Weavers of Mominpura

History of Nagpur Bunkar Saree

The Nine-yard long saree or Kashta as it is called is a traditional Maharashtrian attire. It’s a significant attire which women across different walks of life have worn, may it be at cultural or religious events. Women have fought wars in the past wearing it, and to date, it’s a part of their daily attire in the rural areas.

Mominpura in Nagpur is home to weavers who specialize in this kind of saree. The name Mominpura is believed to be derived from the weavers residing here who were called Momins; the other meaning being true believers in Allah.


On this tour, we would not only see the art of making this nine-yard-long saree but would also know about Mominpura's history, the intangible heritage.

Not only that but the area has old food joints. The very famous and delicious Gulgullas, a more than 100-year-old food establishment is worth having, including the famous Doodh Dabba of Mominpura!


Date- Sunday, 06th March 2022

Walk Time- IST 04:00 to 06:00 PM.

Meeting Time- 03:50 PM=

Meeting Point- Jama Masjid, Mominpura

(Parking available near meeting point, although commuting with public transport is recommended)

Walk led by- Ar Mandira Neware

Medium- Bilingual (English/Hindi)

Tour Fee- INR 199/- Per Pax (includes gateway fee)

The fee includes an information brochure & a Souvenir.

(Charges for food & beverages shall be borne by participants)

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