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Nagpur Heritage Walk

Nagpur During Gond & Bhosale Period

Nagpur's Story of Evolution

The ‘Kingdom of Nagpur’ was founded by the Gond rulers of Deogarh and later came under the rule of the Nagpur Bhonsles. It was at its peak during the eighteenth century under the Bhonsle rule. The kingdom of the Nagpur Bhonsles covered the eastern part of Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, Orissa, and parts of Madhya Pradesh and Jharkhand. Various temples, lakes, markets, wadas (traditional homes of Maharashtra), gardens, palaces, etc. were developed during their rule. Once a fortified city, Nagpur had several gates to enter the city through the wall. Today the fortress wall could not be seen due to urban development.


This walk covers the heritage structures from the Gond and Bhonsle periods located in the old city core of Nagpur. It unfolds the stories of Gonds, how they established the city, and the mighty Maratha rulers 'Nagpurkar Bhosales'.

Duration- 3 Hours

Languages- English/Hindi/Marathi

Meeting Point- Gate of Gond King's Palace, Mahal.

(Parking available along Killa road, Mahal)

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