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Nagpur Heritage Walks

by Orange Odyssey

Nagpur is the ‘Tiger capital of the world’ or famously known as the ‘Orange city’. This story of becoming the orange city dates back to almost 250 years back to a Bhosale king of Nagpur. Once the geographical center of undivided India, Nagpur has a plethora of history to it, with the various rulers ruling Nagpur kingdom and a colonial past.

With the advent of all the rulers, the development of the kingdom happened with the settlement of many communities, artisans, etc. The weaver’s community, the formation of various Olis (lanes), the murtikars (sculptors and artists) of Chitaroli, the beautiful and magnificent lakes and gardens, architectural edifices of all the eras are testimony to the tangible and intangible heritage of our city Nagpur.

We at Orange Odyssey intend for this intangible and tangible heritage of Nagpur to be known by all the locals and the tourists, for which we consistently organize and conduct the heritage walks showcasing the heritage buildings, museums, the weavers, and various other interesting facts, localities, etc. while experiencing the traditional food, textile, and hands-on experiences.


Our walks are well researched and designed hierarchically keeping in mind the storyline/ timeline and the layout of the places, thus enabling people to understand, grasp, and recollect easily. We discuss the structures' history, building technology, and the folklore associated with them.


We regularly organize and conduct walks for the public which are open to all. We also provide tailor-made and on-demand private walks.

Heritage Walks on-Demand

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